Sunday, April 3, 2011

Adepticon 2011 Coverage Part 1

Well, another Adepticon has come and gone.

I feel like I can finally take a deep breath after so many weeks and months of hard work, intense concentration, and nervousness. After 3 years of playing, organizing, and running an event, I wish I could say that things get easier....but life has a funny way of throwing a wrench in even the best planned mechanisms and it can be pretty difficult to focus on gaming with tiny metal miniatures when things like "real life" are hard.

It's rewarding in the end though. All that hard work, all the frustration really does pay off when you get an entire weekend devoted solely to a hobby you love and enjoy. It's especially rewarding to watch players truly enjoy the work you've put into a tournament. My superego would probably say that I simply enjoy the praise but it's much more than that - it's watching something you've created come to fruition and the happiness that creation engenders in other people.

But, I digress.....on with the pretty pictures!


I do this every year....I queue up for pre-registration and then figure out, 15 minutes later and halfway to the front, that I'm in the wrong damn line!

Flames Of War - Early War Tournament

I had registered for the Early War FOW tournament organized by Game Korps only about 2 month ago. Being really new to FOW and having a relatively simplistic grasp of the ruleset, I can say I was more than a bit intimidated going into it with so many other players. And, I made the mistake of getting in the wrong line again....*sigh*

I will say though, that this was one of the best tournies I've ever had the pleasure of participating in. All the players were pretty laid-back, my opponents were willing to let me take my time, and by the end (in 3rd to last place) I was simply playing for the hell of it!

The tables were absolutely stunning (with many pieces being supplied by Battlefield Accessories):

As were many of the other player's armies:

As I wrote about before, I tried to do something very historically accurate in the French 59th DLI. Inevitably, this ending up replicating the spring of 1940 in miniature, with lone French units getting cut off and surrounded by Axis forces.

In the end, I finished 3rd to last but....I won Best Painted Allied Army, ending up with a nice award and some Polish Tankettes (looks like I have the start of another EW force for next year).

Flames Of War - Mid-War Tournament

On the other side of the Harry Caray ballroom was the Mid-War tournament. I didn't play in this but it was fun to see everyone's armies and watch a few games. Not having much to do, I returned Saturday with my grandfather so he could watch and we spent about 2 hours just looking around and watching the various games.

If I can get my Finnish RajaJakaari Kompania finished by next winter, I may just enter...

Flames Of War - D-day Omaha Beach Landing Demo Game

I really can't say enough good things about this. Probably the nicest made, most intensely researched demo game I've ever had a chance to play in. Evocative, fun, and hard as hell to win!


Being ineligible to play on the Malifaux tournie I'd entered, I returned late Saturday to poke around....

Coolminiornot Booth & Crystal Brush Awards

CMON was a newcomer to the vendor hall this year and they made quite an impression. Most everyone I spoke with asked if I had visited their booth yet and the actual presentation did not disappoint.

I haven't received any further emails from Soda Pop Miniatures (even though I'm signed up as part of their marketing program) but it appears that several new enemy miniatures are coming out for the intriguing Super Dungeon Explore game, notably Dragons...

I had also entered my Eldar Farseer in the Crystal Brush painting contest. I didn't win anything (and certainly didn't expect to) but it was fun to see him next to so many other nicely painted minis.

Marike Reimer (of Destroyer Minis) was able to take home the $13K prize this year and she certainly deserved it! I was able to talk with her a little on Saturday as she painted an anthropomorphic Red Panda. She was gracious, and inviting, and a true professional.

Who knows? Maybe next year I'll have a real chance at winning....

Privateer Press Games & Displays

(IIRC) Returning for their 2nd year, Privateer Press also made a good impression on me. Their display tables were simply amazing and it appeared that they had a really robust prize support for their tournaments. Their staff seemed really professional and willing to teach new players. Those Croc-men miniatures might actually get me to play!

40K Team Tournament

As always with the 40kTT, there are just too many great armies to photograph and discribe.


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