Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I'm Hosting A Tournament on Nov. 29th!

Thanks right kids, I'll be hosting a tournament at Black Sun Games in Chicago during the month of November. Event details are below...


This tournament will take place on Sunday, Nov. 29th. Armies will consist of 1750pts. of [i]painted[/i] miniatures and will utilize both 5th edition and Planetstrike rules.

10:00-10:20 Sign-up & Scenario 1 setup
10:20-12:20 Scenario 1
12:20-1:20 Lunch & Scenario 2 setup
1:20-3:20 Scenario 2
3:20-3:50 Scenario 3 setup
3:50-5:50 Scenario 3
6:00 Awards Ceremony

There is space for a MAXIMUM of 8 players, so be sure to sign up early! There is a $10 registration fee for entering. The fee can be paid at Black Sun Games or via my Paypal (please PM for Paypal information). Deadline for registration is Saturday, Nov. 28th.

Prize support will be provided by Black Sun Games for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place.

[b]Basic Rules[/b]

• This tournament utilizes the normal 5th edition 40K rulebook and the Planetstrike expansion. The AdeptiCon INAT FAQ will be used (Updated 03.19.09). This FAQ can be found here:

• Individual units that may have multiple rules versions will follow the rules presented in that army's codex. Please take the time to review the relevant GW/Adepticon FAQ's for clarifications.

• Special/Unique/Named Characters may be fielded, provided their individual rules allow them to be used in armies of 1750pts or less.

• All models must be WYSIWYG. Any model not represented properly will be removed from play. If this results in an illegal unit (below minimum squad size for example), then the entire unit will be removed

• All models MUST be fully painted to a 3-color minimum. Any model not painted to this standard will be removed from play. If this results in an illegal unit (below minimum squad size for example), then the entire unit will be removed

• Armies are limited to 1750pts. total. Please provide a clear, concise army list to your opposing player and the judge

• This tournament utilizes the Planetstrike force organization chart for all scenarios. The Planetstrike FOC is as follows (underlined units are COMPULSORY):

For attacking – [u]1 HQ[/u] (+2 HQ), 6 Elites, 6 Troops, 6 Fast Attack, 3 Heavy Support

For defending - [u]1 HQ[/u] (+2 HQ), 3 Elites, [u]2 Troops[/u] (+6 Troops), 3 Fast Attack, 6 Heavy Support

This will mean each player can have two separate 1750pt. army lists. If doing so, each list MUST be clearly marked as “Attacker” or “Defender”.

Alternatively, the normal FOC may be used.

• Tournament judges' rulings are final


153 total points. 48 points per scenario divided into primary (20), secondary (15) and tertiary (10) objectives with three (3) +1 battle point modifiers.

Victory points will be used in the case of a tie.


ANY non-vehicle unit (unless specifically stated otherwise in their relevant codex) may claim an objective, even if there is only a single model remaining, if it ends the game within 3”. Should an objective be claimed by both sides, it automatically counts as being claimed by the defender.


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