Monday, October 26, 2009

Da Krimson Kommandoz


I FINALLY finished assembling and painting my Kommandoz mob. It seemed like that took forever. The Tankbustaz are last minute additions to the mob that I threw together before priming - I actually really like the guy with the shoulder launcher. He looks like he's ready for anything! Enjoy!

Snikrot & 'Annibl

BurnaSnikkt & Lighta

Busta & Urk

Gunslinga, Snipa, & Grenadeer

Akwatic, Bomma, & Ninj-Ork

Tracka & Snikkt

Hunta & Beakie

Hopefully, I'll get a chance to post a tutorial on brainstorming Orky Kamoflage schemes soon!

Miniatures by games Workshop, Bases by Dragon Forge.

1 comment:

Gubnutz said...

Went back and looked at the WIP of these and they were great. However, the painted versions are even better. A lot going on with the Mob and it looks like a unit of sneaky gitz for sure. I really like the Hunta as well as the Burnas and Akwatic boy.

Nice stuff.