Friday, February 23, 2018

Necromunda Freight Hub: Structures

Following up on yesterday's post, here are the completed structures for the Freight Hub. Due to the volume of the train, container lifter, and the various cargo piles; I really didn't need to make very many of them. In keeping with the aesthetics of the board itself, I mixed and matched various pieces from the Sector Mechanicus kits, IMEX Platformer, and old O-gauge Lionel train buildings.
Previously, the O-gauge buildings were ever so slightly too tall in proportion to 28mm minis however, with the change to 32mm and the tall proportions of the newer GW terrain, they fit in much better.The bases are all 3mm MDF, glued together to provide more rigidity and resistance to warping. I also made a full sheet of Necromunda-specific propaganda posters to apply throughout the board, since we want our workers to stay safe and report any threats to the Guilders. Time is Credits!

First up is the Pump Station/Generatorium. The main structure was an O-Gauge brick watertower base, to which I added Platformer walls, SM bits, and some cheap chinese toy pipes. The nice thing about Lionel kits is that the parts are molded in different colors, so you usually don't have to paint them beyond simple weathering. I also found a quick and easy way to replicate GW Boltgun Metal/Leadbelcher for terrain - prime in black, then lightly spray a misting of Krylon Metallic Aluminum, then spray it thoroughly with flat clear coat, and paint and weather accordingly! 

Next structure is a Promethium Fueling Station for locomotives. I wanted this structure to stretch across the tracks like a gantry crane and the SM arches are the perfect height to allow the train to run underneath. While I do like the SM floors, I think the combination of both floors and arches are a bit too busy for my taste, so for these larger structures, I used 2mm plasticard with black granny grating applied on top. The tank itself is an old vitamin bottle, with some plasticard added, and the cap from an orange juice bottle (I think the brand was Dole, which has both large and small sizes).

I needed a small, tall structure to serve as another support for walkways between the other two so I came up with this small loading bay.

The last and largest structure is the Control Tower. The tower itself was a Lionel switching tower with its windows replaced with black granny grating mesh, some Imperial Eagle supports, and another chinese toy pipe piece. This piece spans two tracks.

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Really awesome work on these pieces.