Saturday, February 24, 2018

Necromunda Freight Hub Board

After about a month's worth of work, here is the completed Freight Hub board. This is (just about) how it will look when it debuts at this years' Adepticon Necromunda events (though I'll likely shift a few of the crate piles into the blank spot in the center right of the first picture). The crate stacks themselves were made using the wooden ones I had done a few years ago as a base, I drybrushed them in tans and bieges to bring out the texture a bit more, and then I glued some Dust Tactics crates and GW Munitorium crates. The walkways are also ones I had painted up several years ago. This is the only section where there's heavy graffiti because the Guilder patrolmen hate heights and are too busy keeping the hub floor secure. Munitorium containers were done just really quickly by priming, then basecoating in Rustoleum Camo Khaki, given number stencils from the old IG transfer sheet, and finally given chipped rust with various shades of red and orange.

And, yes, the train DOES run.

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Pawn Cocktail said...

Impressive work, a great set of terrain for hive city gaming.