Thursday, November 2, 2017

VBCW/Seelowe Terrain: Destroyed Terrace Houses & Statue

Finishing out the collection of buildings for the VBCW/Seelowe board, I went with a more damaged look, using Sarissa's Destroyed Corner Pub, Terrace Shop, and two Terrace Houses. As with the other Sarissa buildings, to make them look a bit more realistic, I added cereal box shingle roofs and chimney stacks from metal tubing. I then mounted each on 2mm MDF with about 1.5" in the front for a sidewalk and about 4-6" in the back for a small yard. The pub had the most improvements though as I built out the sign and facade using MDF and basswood.

I painted them (before assembly - which, pro-tip, is MUCH easier) using a Walmart branch chalk paint to give them some "tooth". Each house has it's own molding and door color, again using cheap craft paint (I rarely use hobby paints for terrain). I also picked out the nice base brickwall detail in red-browns and used a dark gray color to pick out the small cracks in each house's facade. I also airbrushed the base and used a midtone green to even out the bright tones in the scrubber hedges and provide more uniformity.

The statue is one I did here, just re-based to blend in better with the rest of the board and with a low decorative hedge added.

That's it for now! Tomorrow I'm off to Operation Sting where this board gets its first outing....

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