Saturday, November 11, 2017

Eastern Front Terrain: Signs and Telegraph Poles

A quick post for today, this time some scatter terrain for the Kursk Village I completed last year. I wanted to add a little more character to that board, as well as take a small diversion from the large commission I'm working on. The telephone poles have been laying around my terrain stash since post-Christmas clearance last year and they're actually fairly nice with weighted "snow" bases; it's just that they didn't really fit in anywhere. So I mounted them on 25mm washers, built up the base with vinyl spackle and sand, and painted and flocked them. I added the roadsigns by gluing basswood on the poles, which are just drybrushed and washed - not fully repainted. 

The roadsigns are just some extra MDF bases I had laying around with basswood signs added. They are based, painted, and flocked in the same manner as the poles. All the signs are handpainted and, likely, incomprehensible gibberish as I copied them from 1/35 roadsigns.

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NW Crew said...

Beautifully done! Such additions add tons to the table. /Mattias