Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Frostwallon Monsters - Troll, Wraith, Moon Beasts

I'm back! Between the burnout of Adepticon and painting up another commission project, I haven't had much time for personal painting projects until the last few weeks and decided to paint up a few monsters for Frostgrave. I stumbled upon the Pathfinder line of prepainted miniatures and, with the low price on some singles, decided to try my hand at a quick repaint.

The Giant Troll only cost me about $2 and he is massive, standing a good 5-6" high. Very imposing. The Moon Beasts were also about $2 each and I love them because they're actually Lovecraftian monsters from the Dream Cycle; tentacled horrors that inhabit Earth's Moon in an alternate reality. So these will function as demons in Frostgrave and will likely see play in Inquisimunda as well. The Wraith is actually a metal Reaper mini I originally painted about 7 years ago that I wasn't really ever happy with.

I didn't spend much time painting these, using them as experiments for some different painting techniques - red granite for the Troll's club, a different rust technique than what I normally use for the Wraith's scythe, and purple undercoated skin texture for the Moon Beasts. So, while they won't be winning any awards, they were fun to paint and will get a lot of use.

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