Thursday, November 3, 2016

Death on the Danube: Lorried Hussar Infantry Squad

After the mad rush to complete my Hungarians earlier this year for Bolt Action Nationals, I hadn't really planned to do anymore regular infantry squads. But, inevitably I came across two packs of GWM Germans for under $10 and snatched it up. I painted these troops to represent lorried Hussar (mobile) infantry, using the Rubicon Opel Blitz I had painted up earlier this year for their transport. With the inclusion of the WW1-era Bergmann SMG and MG08/15, these could represent either very early (pre-1940) Hussars during the Slovakian invasion or those of late 1944-45 when pre-war stocks were raided to resupply troops during the Soviet invasion.

Uniform color is VMC English Uniform with some midtone Green added. To distinguish them from the Honved (regular) infantry squads, I added more green to the uniform. They are also recognizable by their bright "cornflower" blue collar tabs, unlike the green collar tabs of Honved. Kit is mostly VMC Red Leather, with some Territorial Biege for canvas and Reaper Dark Leather for strapping. Helmet color is VMC Brown Violet, "whitewash" done with Reaper Misty Grey/White reverse crippling.

Weapons are Pavement, highlighted with Pewter Grey, extreme highlights in Light Grey, then washed with P3 Armor Wash. Wood is VMC German Brown, with highlights/grain done in Biege. Glass is Admiral Blue, gem effect highlights in Cool Blue, flare in White.

Additionally, I touched up the paint on all the bases of my Hungarian infantry and re-did the snow to make it look a bit more 'fluffy'. Below is a picture of the force I'll be bringing to Operation Sting this weekend, meant to represent the fledgling Szent Laszlo Division in the early weeks of the Siege of Budapest, along with the last of the Panther tanks from German Feldherrnhalle Division for armored support.


Pete. said...

Stunning work- the group shot at the end is superb.



Braxen said...

Most excellent work!