Sunday, October 30, 2016

Another 15mm Soviet Commission

Continuing with this year's tradition of Flames of War Soviet commissions, here is (likely) my final one for the year. This time it's an objective marker diorama of some Soviet cavalry seizing a knocked out Sdkfz 251, a platoon of captured German halftracks for Spetsnaz commandos, and a Zis-5 Pioneer Truck. Minis are by Peter Pig, halftracks are PSC, and the Zis is from Zvezda.

The halftracks are all painted in similar colors and schemes to lend an air of continuity between the pieces (Soviets seize captured German vehicles and put them back into service as Trojan Horses). Basecoat is VMC Middlestone with soft-edge blotch camouflage done in VMC German Dark Camo Green and Testors Acryl Rotbraun, this is then washed with Reaper Umber Wash. Tires are Pavement with a P3 Armor Wash, tracks are Pavement base with a heavy wash of Testors Acryl Rust and a light drybrush of GW Boltgun Metal.

Russian cavalry figures are all VMC Russian Uniform, Wehrmacht figures are all VMC German Uniform; both get a liberal wash of GW Ork Green. Stahlhelms are done in VMC Brown Violet, Flesh is VMC Flat Flesh washed with Secret Weapon Flesh Wash (a surprisingly good wash which has a big problem settling in the bottle, unfortunately).

On the captured halftracks, an Testors Acryl Russian Armor Green is painted over the portions where there would have been Balkankreuz. This is done to much the earlier Russian Tankovy I completed for the same client. 

Last but not least, is the trusty Zis-5 Pioneer Truck. This is a stock Zvezda 1/100 Zis-5 with some stowage and barrels from the Battlefront Stowage sprue added to the truckbed. To differentiate this from the AFVs of the previous Soviet commission, I painted this a Brown Violet with a very heavy GW Ork Flesh wash for a very deep, mid-tone green. To simulate the effects of harsher weathering on the wooden truckbed, I heavily drybrushed this section with a lighter Brown Violet/White mix. The truckbed canopy is VMC German Dark Camp Green. Tires are my usual Pavement with P3 Armor Wash, headlights are done using Reaper HD Yellow and Pure White for a jeweled effect. The windows are Admiral Blue, with a Admiral/Cool Blue midtone, and Cool Blue highlight with Pure White jeweled effect.

Decals are all I-94, dirt weathering using Secret Weapon Dark Earth dry pigments.

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