Sunday, August 7, 2016

Syrian Insurgent Militia

These miniatures are a group of Insurgents/Rebel Militia from the current war in Syria. The miniatures themselves are from Empress in their Modern line and they are extremely well-detailed, to the point where it was slightly more difficult than normal to finish and paint them. The best part is, while each one is slightly unique, once painted they all meld together into a coherent group and I can't wait to get them on the table.

Unlike my normal posts, I won't go into extreme detail into how I painted every one of them, since each is painted slightly different. I did paint many of them in darker skin-tones. Light skin tones consist of VMC Orange-Brown base, VMC Medium Flesh midtone, VMC Flat Flesh highlight and GW Ogryn Flesh wash. Dark skin tones consist of Burnt Umber/Territorial Beige base, Territorial Beige midtone, and Beige highlight with GW Ogryn Flesh wash. All members also carry the same color tactical harnesses as well - Reaper Olive Drab base, Reaper Worn Olive midtone, and Reaper Worn Olive/White highlights. 

There is a mix of civilian clothing and camouflage styles as well. Camopedia was a huge help with the camouflage here - there is a mix of blue Security Force "woodland", Chocolate Chip desert, US desert tricolor, and Iranian woodland patterns.

The bases are done using premixed vinyl spackling, sand mix, and bitz box scraps. The dirty sand color is achieved using Territorial Beige base, Khaki midtone, and VMC Dark Sand highlight with a Secret Weapon Sewer Water Wash (love this color!). Rust effects are Chocolate Brown base, VMC Red Leather midtone, and Reaper Fiery Orange highlights.

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Pawn Cocktail said...

Really great painting & basing - like you said, they gel together very nicely, despite their disparate clothing.