Monday, August 1, 2016

Panzerkampfwagen 39H 735(f)

Another light tank I've been working on for my planned WW2 Germans, this is the Panzer 39H 735(f). This model originally started as the Neucraft Model's Hotchkiss H-39 and I want to take a moment to say that this is, by far, the nicest 1/56 scale model I've worked with to date. It comes in primary pieces - turret, body, and track/wheel assembly with separate pieces for the muffler, rear turret hatch, towing hooks, optional anti-ditching rail assembly, spare wheel, and a choice of either short or long main guns. All pieces are crisp, very well cast, and go together flawlessly. So flawlessly, I was able to leave the track assemblies off through assembly, painting, and weathering and simply popped them on once everything was glue necessary!

To make this model into the beutepanzer 39H, I removed the turret dome with a dremel and scratchbuilt a new German-style cupola from plasticard. I also scratchbuilt the stowage bin over the anti-ditching rail. The only flaw in this kit is that the anti-ditching rail is missing the two horizontal stabilizer bars on either side, which I added with plasticard rod. I also added some stowage, a tow chain (it looks over-sized because this tank is TINY - most 28mm figures will stand at the same height as the top of the turret), and a (probably ahistorical) jerry can.

I primed in Krylon Rust Red with White zenithal highlights, then airbrushed with Testors Acryl Panzer Schwarz Grau. The basecoat was then given a lightened drybrush in vertical strokes to simulate wear and staining from sun and rain. Worn items are my usual Pavement base color, Testors Acryl Rust wash, and GW Boltgun Metal highlight. Wood is Territorial Beige, Beige midtone, and Reaper Golden Blonde highlight. Bags are Territorial Biege and VMC Red Leather with a heavy wash of Secret Weapon Sewer Water. Wehrmacht helmet is VMC Green-Grey.

Decals are I-94 and Rubicon. I then sprayed with Kylon Flat and used pin dot oil washes overall for weathering, then detail oil washes for shadows and mud buildup. Finally, I weathered it with dry pigments.

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Fantastic, simply fantastic!