Saturday, March 26, 2016

Death on the Danube: Completed Infantry Units

Finally finished with most of my Hungarians for Bolt Action Nationals next weekend. I went with the color guides from Flames of War Grey Wolf book as well as reenactor uniform photos for the Honved uniforms.

Uniform color is VMC English Uniform with some midtone Green added, almost similar to Reaper Worn Olive. Kit is mostly VMC Red Leather, with some Territorial Biege for canvas and Reaper Dark Leather for strapping. Helmet color is VMC Brown Violet, "whitewash" done with Reaper Misty Grey/White reverse crippling.

Weapons are Pavement, highlighted with Pewter Grey, extreme highlights in Light Grey, then washed with P3 Armor Wash. Wood is VMC German Brown, with highlights/grain done in Biege. Glass is Admiral Blue, gem effect highlights in Cool Blue, flare in White.


Skoda vz.14/19 Howitzer and Forward Observer/Spotter

Honved flamethrower team, Schwarloze HMG team & 50mm Light mortar team

Honved Sniper & Pancelrem teams

Honved Medic & Gendarme "Assistant" (to make sure no one is faking injuries...)

Assorted Hungarian Officers (two wear the standard uniform, one wears SS surplus uniform and zeltbahn, and two wear the reversible smock and pants common to Szent Laszlo Division troops)

Honved Infantry squads (armed with the Hungarian Steyr-Mannlicher rifle and German surplus MG42, MP 38 SMG  & Panzerfaust)


Weekend General said...

Wicked, man. Just. Wicked.

Weekend General said...

Wicked, man. Just. Wicked.

Pete. said...

Really great work- the Honved have always been my favourite Eastern Front minor axis power.



Pawn Cocktail said...

Excellent work, this is a really great-looking force. The bricks on the bases are a nice touch.