Friday, February 19, 2016

Death on the Danube: WIP Hungarian Infantry (& Germans!)

After much too much procrastination, I'm finally ready to paint my Hungarian infantry. I made a couple of last minute purchases to add to the army, notably Brigade Games WW1 Austrians for use as Hungarian Border Guards, Warlord Games Last Levy Volksturmm for use as University Assault Battalion, and Brigade Games Gebirgsjager of which one squad will do double duty as Hungarian Mountain Troops and the rest will be used for my planned Winter German army.

University Assault Battalion (Warlord Last Levy) with Hungarian officer "advisor" (Great Escape SS Officer)

Hungarian Border Guards (Brigade Games WW1 Austrians - LMG gunner converted from riflemen. He is armed with the 1920's-era Madsen MG. The Madsen was the main Honved infantry LMG until 1938, when the Solothurn LMG was equipped. It remained in rear-echelon use and was re-issued for general use in 1943)

Regular Honved Infantry (Great War WW1 Late War Germans, Panzerfaust-armed figures are Great Escape SS Panzerjager team. I had to GS the jackboots on these figures. Unfortunately, since my sculpting is poor, they look a little too big. Almost like wellies.)

HQ Units - (front to back) Medic & Gendarme "assistant"(with MP-35), Major and ADC (with MP-35), FAO, 1st Lt. (with Danuvia 39M) & assistants (with MP-38)

Support Units - (front to back) Pancelrem (Hungarian-produced 60mm Panzerschrek) team, Sniper team, Flamethrower team, Light mortar team, Heavy MG team

Gebirgsjager/Hungarian Mountain Troops (the first two rows of infantry are the proxy Hungarians. Medic, MG34 team, and Luftwaffe Spotter will only be used in my future Winter German army)


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Interesting project, looking forward to seeing these painted, is that black over sprayed white undercoat? I presume to help with shading?