Tuesday, February 16, 2016

An Experiment in Winter Whitewash - Sdkfz 222

Another experiment in oil pastel weathering for winter whitewashing, this time in 28mm using Warlord Games's Sdkfz 222. Really this is just an excuse for me to procrastinate on doing greenstuff work on my Hungarians, since I hate GS'ing with a fiery passion. 

My process for this was a little different then my 15mm Tigers and was as follows - Paint and weather completely. Using Pure White Prismacolor NuPastel, grind it down to a powder with sandpaper and apply with a damp brush (avoiding recesses and areas edges). Once dry, rub it with my finger in high spots and areas of high wear. This time I did NOT apply it to areas of heavy mud/dirt to avoid the "gloopy" effect the Tigers had. Spray with flat sealant. Add mud with pigment and matte medium/glue mix. Spray with flat sealant. Add dirt with dry pigment.

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