Tuesday, February 9, 2016

BTD Commission Work: Saxons & Normans

I'm proud to announce that I've completed my first commission work for a miniature company. It was a little daunting to get started on these (as I tend to be my own biggest critic) but, it's nice to see them finally complete. I want to thank the guys at Black Tree Designs for giving me this opportunity and for being so patient and look forward to doing more work for them in the future.

These figure packs are available for purchase here and have the following codes:

DA1025 Gambison Normans with Hand Weapons

DA1019 Unarmoured Saxon Axemen


Michael Ovsenik said...

Those look great! They have a ton of models they could use painted pics for ;)

Smack TalkYo said...

The fact that a miniature company came to you to paint their miniatures is beyond cool. Fantastic work! I'm really jealous of the opportunity.