Friday, January 8, 2016

Eastern Front Terrain: Kursk Village WIP #3

Almost done! Unfortunately, the new acrylic ink color I bought was so heavy it made the weathering VERY dark on the wood-sided houses. I used a good deal of drybrushing to really lighten up the wood again but there's somewhat of a blue tint to the wood structures. Additionally, I weathered the stucco houses with some beige acrylic paint, then a good semi-dry brushing of white to add depth and shadow. All bases have been texturized and painted with a latex-acrylic paint mix (this provides better coverage and tends to last longer without having to seal the bases). Now on to finishing the roofs, adding ground cover, and gubbinz.

I also finished the orthodox church cupola and onion domes. The sacristy got its curved roof using two half round diagnosed supports, wrapped in cereal board. I then cut the cardboard into strips and glued down in overlapping sections to form the hemisphere at the end. Tough to do but I'm happy with the result. The domes are simply wooden Christmas ornaments glued upside down. I then cut the tips level and glued on some laser cut crosses.

You'll notice I added fences to some of the structures for cover and concealment. Most are simple vertical plank fencing but the two below have stacked branch fences. I glued the outer uptight posts down, gathered some sticks outside and stripped the bark, then glued them flat against the posts, finishing off by gluing down the inner vertical posts.

I also wanted some other bases besides houses so I made a walled enclosure and a pig pen. Below are pictures I used for inspiration for the pig shelters. Most appear from the Baltic states, so I don't know if they were the same in central Russia...but they look cool!


commissarmoody said...

They look pretty darn good to me. Add a gas station, telephone both and Machinist shed and you have a modern village too.

Pawn Cocktail said...

These are shaping-up awesomely!

Merle Delinger said...

This whole project is fantastic Jeremy. Very nice indeed!

Smack TalkYo said...

Just wanted to say that this Kursk series has been inspiring. Since reading the first post I've gone a head and built 6 similar buildings after months of slacking. Thanks for being awesome! Looking forward to your future work.