Friday, January 1, 2016

Eastern Front Terrain: Kursk Village WIP #2

Work is steadily continuing on the Kursk village terrain. Notably, the Orthodox church is slowly looking more like a church and not simply a jumble of oddly sized walls. The main roof with its four converging roofline wasn't too hard to figure out and cut, but the cupola was maddening. Because the rooflines weren't perfectly straight, it caused the zigzag cuts I had to make for the walls to line up that slightly off kilter that is extremely frustrating to construct and glue. It isn't perfect but I was done messing around trying to fix it. 

The now I need to install the cupola floor, find a curved roof for the sanctuary, then construct the onion dome brood bases ( there will be a small on over the entranceway and a larger one atop the cupola.

The exterior walls and basic rooflines are complete for the houses as well. Foundations are a mix of wood and stone textures. Wood siding was done with hardwood strips, and stucco was replicated used vinyl spackling spread thin. I just need to weather the wood using acrylic inks and give the stucco a wash of tan and drybrush of  white paints.

The roofline were made from cereal box board. I need to reinforce them and then cover their exterior sides with roofing - a mix of tin, lumber, and grass matting roofs. Not pictured are the chimneys, which every house has fully painted and ready to be glued on before finishing the roofs.

As a quick project, I also made the village well, made entirely from hardwood and roofed into black sandpaper to replicate tarpaper.

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Unlucky General said...

Very excited to see how your project develops. A wonderful reminder how we wargamer/modellers can create beauty from waste (cardboard). It already had a very real sense, a feel for what you are aiming for.