Thursday, June 4, 2015

Luftwaffe 88mm Battery

This unit probably takes highest honors for "amount of time sitting on my workbench half-complete". I've been working on it in sporadically since before our move, something like building it around August of 2014 or so. It's long overdue, considering I've needed this unit in various incarnations from my Early War Mittlere Panzer Kompanie right up through my Late War StuG Batterie, so that's at least a couple of years' time.

Minis are Battlefront mounted on special lengthened plasticard bases to accommodate the unlimbered Flak37s. After reading Erhard Raus' excellent book Panzer Operations, I wanted these guns to look like they had been quickly brought up to the front to deal with heavy Allied AFVs, like the KV-1. 

These are painted using my usual Testors Acryl Panzershweregrau with a little bit of Royal Blue craft paint added. I know this is a little too blue for some modelers but I really like how this color pops at this scale. I wouldn't use this same ratio in 28mm. The Flak37s are soft-edged camouflaged using Testors Lichtolive. Details are painted using Vallejo acrylics.

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Mad Tin Hatter said...

Really nice work! Well done!