Friday, June 5, 2015

Italians @ Malta, 1942: AB41 & Semovente 75/18

AFV reinforcements for my Italians @ Malta, 1942. I'm actually really proud with how these turned out, as they are my first 28mm vehicles since 40K several years ago and my first real-life military model vehicles since my teens. 

Both are from Warlord with a little bit of cosmetic improvements made from plasticard. The AB41 wass lacking a fuel cap on the left hull, the horns over the right front wheel, the flag poles over the front fenders (actually two pushpins), the large retracable antenna array on the left hull (made from plasticard and brass rod), the muzzle for the co-axial MG, the manual start screw cover on the rear hull, and the muffler needed a curved exhaust. 

The Semovente was pretty darn close. It only needed the torsion idlers (?) in front of the rear return wheels, horizontal latches on the top hatches, the tow hook/license plate/safety reflectors on the rear hull, and an antenna (from guitar wire). I also filed down the mufflers and added "pinched" exhausts. The Breda AA MG is made from an old Heavy Gear gun with plasticard barrels.

Both vehicles are airbrush painted in overall Testors Acryl Sandgelb - a nice color that's not a drab tan and not a true Dunkelgelb. The Semovente has soft-edge camo streaks of Testors Acryl Olivgrun. The Italian flag on the AB41 is done by masking and painting with an airbrush. Decals are an assortment from my decal "bits" box.

Both vehicles were finished with oil dot weathering. After ruining the FOW Konigstiger I was also working on, I found out that for years I've been using turpentine which is too harsh and melts the sealant. Finally switched to turpenOID on these and the difference in control is remarkable. I then applied some clay-colored dry pigments to mimic the soil on my Italian infantry bases.

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Michael Ovsenik said...

Looks great! You go hugely in depth on the research and customization and it shows.