Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Road to Adepticon 2015: 15mm Lumber Camp - 100% Complete!

The lumber camp is finally complete and I'm pretty pleased with the results considering the amount of time it took (work being done mostly on weeknights or during my son's naptimes over this past month). The entire complex, if not spread out, occupies around 2 sq. ft. - somewhere between a 1/4" and 1/3" of a table space. Considering it really only needs some roads and large tracts of woods, the size is "just right" for FOW.

I weathered the exterior wood surfaces using artist's inks in cool grey, sepia, and some very watered-down india ink black. I then drybrushed vertically (in most cases, perpendicular to the woodgrain) with pure white, with the dual outcome of the wood looking "streaked" and making the edges "pop". The tin roofs were basepainted a dark brown, then got multiple washes of rust red, and finally received a liberal dose of dry pigments.

The broken down truck behind the maintenance shed is a Zvezda ZIS-5 model with the wheels and cargo bed left off. The lumber mill's saw track is N gauge track with the ties removed, the attendant log cart is made from basswood and an N gauge riail "truck" with the actual wheels removed (it rests on the plastic hubcaps - for lack of a better term). The wooden barrels scattered throughout are available from Khurasan Miniatures. Timber piles were made by collecting sticks of various diameters and species, cutting them in roughly 1.5" lengths, and then stacking them haphazardly. I made the lumber stacks with basswood offcuts.

This lumber camp will be used to represent the Karelia Region of Finland/Russia in the FOW: Recon In Force tournament for Adepticon 2015. I should have used my Russians for size comparisons but instead grabbed some Early War Krauts!


NW Crew said...

Beautiful stuff! Very inspiring

Andy Farrell said...

Great stuff bro!!
You did an awful lot of work on those slat wall buildings!!
My favorite are the linear objects..very clever!!