Friday, September 26, 2014

Koshka ubiytsy Zimoy, Winter 1944

I took a little break from making terrain to finish up some minis. I'd always wanted to add some assault guns to the Soviet Tankovy Battalion I finished a couple years ago but have been unwilling to spend the cash to buy them. Recently, I came across a good deal and bought them....then promptly realized I had lost the paint color chart I used for the prior minis! Instead I decided to try my luck at whitewash winter camo in an attempt to make the pantone difference a little less noticeable. 

These are the first 15mm minis I've done in awhile that do not have an oil wash and/or pigment weathering done to them. I assembled, cleaned, and then primed them all in pure white. I then added "chips" of the base Soviet green color with a dry sponge, adding the running whitewash effect with a 00 brush. I then painted all the details and colored all the reserve fuel tanks Soviet green to show how often they had been handled or replaced. I then gave the entire mini a wash of grey and did "dirt" weathering with my airbrush.

Though they aren't perfect, I'm satisfied for an initial try on whitewash camo. Enjoy!

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