Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Road to Adepticon 2014 - Necromunda Fencing

I finished up the fencing I've been working on over the last month this week. The electrified fences are brand new, assembled from plasticard scraps and craft mesh, and mounted on 6" long popsicle stick bases (with a slightly beveled edge to help them better blend into the tabletop). Painting was fairly basic starting with a coast of ruddy brown primer, an airbrushed grey rubble base, and some random metallic sponge painting weathering. I also started practicing some graffiti on these as well. 

The board fencing was actually assembled a few years back and was my first experimentation with weathered wood. Obviously, using Killz white primer was too thick and they look more "white-washed" than weathered - which is how they stayed until just this month. I finished them off with another coat of black wash, some brown paint on the bases, and added paper advertisements. To reinforce the "older" feel of these fences (and to extend their use into modern gaming), I primarily used a lot of Bioshock-centered ads and propaganda.

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Barks said...

Nice! Do you have any issues with the popsicle sticks warping?