Wednesday, July 31, 2013

It's All Or Nothing...

This always happens - I'm either blowing things off completely or I've just got too much to do at once. My painting queue....Panzerspahkompanie in the first 2 rows (ready to be weathered), (3rd row) Looted T-34 (with 76 and 85mm turrets), Girls Und Panzer StuG, three "dot-camo" Late War StuGs, (fourth row) Pioneer Supply Opel Blitz, three Mid-War Hungarian Panzer IVs, and an Early-/Mid-War StuG platoon!

I think I have a problem...


Dai said...

If that's a problem then so is my queue:

8 Cromwells
2 Challengers
4 M10's
3 Stuarts
8 25pdr artillery
6 Universal Carriers
3 Wasps
2 Bofors
2 17pdr guns

I know I'm painting a heck of a lot more than I've ever painted this year, but the list... keeps... growing!? O_o

Dai said...

(O and 4 Landmattresses.... *facepalm*)