Tuesday, April 30, 2013

RIP Necromunda 1995-2013

Well, I hate to say it but it looks like GW has finally taken Necromunda (and, indeed, the entire lineup of "Specialist Games") to a secluded location to die. After years of neglect, a post on Tactical Command wondering on the status of Epic Night Spinners being "no longer available" launched a call to GW Customer Service who have confirmed that they will no longer be producing the SG line of miniatures and, once their current stock has run out, that the minis will go OOP. Get any Necromunda minis you want ASAP!

The following Necromunda minis are currently listed as "No Longer Available" as of 4/30/13 9:00CST:

  1. Enforcers Patrol Team
  2. Pit Slaves Gang
  3. Kal Jericho and Scabbs
  4. Ratskin Gang (added 5/3/13 9:00CST)
  5. House Escher Troops Pack (added 5/3/13 9:00CST)
  6. House Cawdor Gang (added 5/3/13 9:00CST)

Additionally, Forge World will also no longer be carrying any of the SG-related items, like the Aquila.


Michael Ovsenik said...

Arrgh! Necromunda is their best game ever made. This makes me really sad.

mafiacheese said...

To not repeat my comments on EFF...let's just say I'm pretty bummed out. Gonna have to stock up on Redemptionists!

Andy said...

This unfortunately comes as no surprise to me given the way GW seems to be heading! I bought a Van Saar gang years ago and never did anything with them. Its something I'd love to play though so I'd better download all the PDF's before its too late!