Sunday, March 24, 2013

Saga Viking Warlord: Ragnar Lodbrook

Things have been so crazy since the move. I actually don't have a dedicated workspace right now and am painting out of halfcut cardboards boxes from the move. I've also been dealing with an e-tailer who sent my order for Adepticon to the wrong address and now will not offer me a refund because he claims it was all my misake - so now I'm forced to run different army lists than I had planned. Craziness.

Anyway, I did finish my Viking warlord for Saga for WWPD's painting contest. Please vote for my entry here (listed under "ancientsociety") if you are a forum member! 

This figure is my version of Ragnar Lodbrook (the GB fig is very over-sized). It's a converted Artizan figure. The Celtic Cross is from the Armorcast gravestones set.


myincubliss said...

That's a handsomely painted model on an incredibly nicely done base - great stuff!

tim said...

Is anyone in Chicago Actually playing SAGA? I'd like to try it some time.