Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mit Den Panzern in Ost und West - WIP #3

It's buckle-down time for Adepticon here at the Empire. I was finally able to get in one full weekend day to get most everything basecoated with the airbrush, finish my General Guderian objective, and start work on my Armaments in Miniature Stuka air support option. I don't care what anyone tells you - finding time to paint while watching an infant is HARD.

All the based minis get a drybrush of dirt and mud. My "Husslin' Heinz" objective is in the foreground center - this is General Guderian in his command Sd.Kfz 251. The "G" emblem on the trucks' fenders were applied to all vehicles and tanks in Panzergruppe Guderian.

Most of the vehicles and tanks received a solid coat of Panzer Grey with a little Regal Blue added for shading. Most of the tanks have the two-tone camo scheme prevalent in pre-1940 Panzer Divisions - 75% Panzer Grey, 25% soft-edged Dark Brown. The StuiG MW camo scheme of a base of Panzer Grey with bands of soft-edged Tan did not turn out, mostly because my compressor is too powerful to provide pressure under 20psi - necessary for convincing soft-edged banded camo at 15mm. Oh well...

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