Thursday, February 23, 2012

Commission WIP: Wreck-Age Demo Board

A few months ago I was commissioned by the guys over at Hyacinth Games to produce a demo table for the official launch of the futuristic post-Apocalypse game, Wreck-Age. With everything that's happened in the past few months, it's been difficult to get started but I've finally been able to get started.

For those not familiar with the world of Wreck-Age, it basically breaks down as, in the future, the rich and powerful decide to build a bunch of spaceships and leave the Earth behind after having polluted and used up all the resources they could. Inevitably, they leave all the poor and working class peoples behind and that's where the game occurs - a game centered around eking out a life in the polluted wastelands of a future America.

Here's the concept art I decided on using:
Mostly, it reminded me a lot of my trips down Route 66, specifically western Oklahoma with it's many small concrete and iron bridges. My idea was to go for a sort of futuristic Dust Bowl feel - a community of farmers (known as "Stakers" in the Wreck-Age fluff) struggling in a ravaged American Mid-west, but in the future! Here's some of the pictures I took on my Route 66 trips I'm using for inspiration:

Normally, I would start on the table itself but Chicago weather in January and February makes working outside nearly impossible at times, so I started on the terrain itself - a Staker community made up of a re-purposed gas station, a fortified farm, and a couple small shacks.

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Deadestdai said...

Those are fan frikken tastic. You seriously have some skills. Look forward to what comes next.