Thursday, January 12, 2012

Adepticon 2012 Necromunda Tournament

It seems like the Adepticon staff was just beginning plans for Adepticon 2012 yesterday, even though it's been nearly 4 months at this point. It's funny to look back and see myself saying "A baby won't change me.", but it did. Mostly, it reminds you just how quickly time passes. I feel that, when you spend the majority of your day just caring for another living person, your perception changes to something like a survival routine - the dreaded Eat-Poop-Clean-Sleep routine - and that change in perception is mirrored by a change in mentality. Everyday living becomes more basic, more primal.

And time is one of those primal things we so often miss in our busy life. We set dates and appointments and generally remember what day or month it is but we forget just how fast it comes and goes. But I digress from waxing poetic, my point really being that this will be the fourth year I've run the Necromunda Tournament at Adepticon and I thought it might be nice to bring back some of the previous scenarios in a revised and updated format.

For starters, I brought back the old monster-hunting staple "It Came From The Sump" from 2009. Essentially, this scenario revolves around killing a giant mutant monster before your opponent does. When I first used this scenario, I was extremely hesitant to make the monster tough and, unfortunately, this was an extremely easy win for several players. Not this year! Each table will receive one unique giant monster from my collection (if you follow my blog, you could hazard a guess at what's coming) who are all terrifying. Additionally, I've added some unique special environmental conditions to make the hunting really difficult.

Again from 2009, The Lamplighters' War has a second coming. I initially developed this scenario - a battle between rival Lamplighters to see who can light the most lamps in one night - after reading the excellent Necromunda novel Junktion. If you aren't able to attend Adepticon, I'll be posting the PDF of the mission packet when the convention is over and this is definitely not one to miss.

If you are playing in the Necromunda tournament this year, feel free to bring up to two of your own 28mm minis - one to represent the Lamplighter and another to represent a Chaos Magus....well, that's all the hints I'll be dropping this year. Stay tuned!

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Deadestdai said...

Wow! This sounds ace!

Excited to get a copy of that pdf!

(And it gets easier as they get older - a little more time to yourself as they learn to spend time with themselves.)