Saturday, October 1, 2011

Golden Gear 2011 Mascot Entry

"Ladies and gentleman! Welcome to Heavy Gear Arena! Tonight is another great Cascade Breweries' TM Free Beer Nights. Even if you don't have a drink, The Kegerator is here to spray the crowd down with his awesome Keg Cannon!.....Young children please exit the Arena at this time..."

This is my entry for DP9's 2011 Golden Gear Contest - Arena Mascot category. One of the sponsors, Cascade Brewery, has an interesting "Free Beer Night" that can help your Arena team gain more Rep during a match. I thought it'd be interesting if they also had a dedicated Gear come out and spray the crowd with some free brew! The Kegerator is based off a stock Hunter Gear, with the addition of some CB flags, a pressurized Keg, and a giant beer cannon.

1 comment:

Jason (From HGB forums) said...

Great looking mini! Love the keg and hose connecting to the bazooka. I also like the base and the blue on the mini. For whatever reason the red doesn't look as blended/highlighted as the blue, but your hunter is still a rock star!