Monday, September 26, 2011

Heavy Gear Cobra Conversion

Recently, I found myself burdened with a Black Talon Dark Cobra, even though I don't play Black Talons and you can't field this Gear in the Arena. What I really wanted was an Engineering Cobra - the construction vehicle of the HG universe. So....

This conversion required the following:

-drilled and added crash bars made of 20G copper wire and brass tubing
-5min epoxy putty for enclosed cockpit, added crash bars as above
-clipped BT V-engine stacks, replaced w/ nickel tubing and plasticard
-drilled out right hand, added hammer shaft from brass tubing, hammer-head from GW Pit Slave Hammer Arm :ph34r:
-added HCS to left arm, made w/ GW Chaos chainsword & plasticard
-base is various plasticard sheeting and sand/gravel mix

1 comment:

Dan said...

very cool conversion, will look great painted.