Tuesday, July 26, 2011

French 47mm Anti-Tank Platoon

Progress continues on my FOW Early War French very slowly. Much of the delay was looking for suitable gun tractors for the 47mm ATGs and 25mm AA guns. I agonized for awhile about buying Peter Pig's very nice little Renault 2-ton truck but they're a little pricey vs. their usefulness.

I was finally able to find a good deal on some Axis & Allies Unic P107s over at 12-7 Games. For $2.50, they were a steal. All I did was add some oil barrels and ammo crates from plasticard and painting the windshields and darkening the green camo stripes.

Figures by Peter Pig, 47mm ATGs by Battle Honors, P107s by Axis & Allies (ver2.0)


Itchy said...

Those look sharp! Very clean in appearance. I especially like the simplicity of the bases.

If you get a moment and are so inclined, would you mind giving just a quick opinion on the Peter Pig figures? I've checked them out but never purchased. I'd just like your opinion on quality and value.

Ancientsociety said...

@Itchy: I like Peter Pig and have ordered from them several times. The Renault R35s in my army are from PP and they're pretty nice.

PP is also the only company I know of that makes seated French figs, which I needed for my 25mm AA guns. PP infantry are a little small for BF, but scale well with Forged In Battle.