Sunday, July 10, 2011

Chicago LARPers(?) busted in Millenium Park

The Sun-Times, WLS, and the Chicago Tribune are reporting that at least one Chicago resident has been arrested and charged with "disorderly conduct" in what appears to be a LARPing session go awry.

It seems to have started yesterday, when a "suspicious package" (which, upon further police investigation, turned out to be 2 bricks) was spotted under the 'Bean' sculpture in downtown's Millenium Park at 5:36pm. This prompted the police to cordon off the area, stop all traffic on Michigan Ave., declare a Level 1 HazMat situation, and call in the arson and bomb squads!

It seems that 3 people were arrested, but only 1 is officially facing charges. I can't find any info on what the actual LARPing game in question was but it appears to be some sort of non-fantasy LARP.

It's insane that it took 4 hours, the closure of a portion of a major city, and numerous police and firefighters to figure out this was all part of a live-action game. Although, you would think LARPers would have chosen a less-conspicuous park to hold their game in...

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