Tuesday, June 28, 2011

WIP Arbites Ogryn & Molotov Cocktease

A lot of greenstuff sculpting over the weekend led to the minis below. I think I'll put the Arbites Ogryn aside for a few days while I mull over what else I want to do with him. I'm thinking it might be cool to mimic the winged skull every Arbites figure has on their shotgun stock with one of the Ripper Gun body and I think the neck/helmet could use just a little detail.

The winged fist shoulderpad was incredibly difficult to get even halfway right, even when I split it into two separate pieces (fist and wings). If I could do it over, I would have left the Ripper gun unpinned, so that it didn't get in the way as much.

Here's a super sneak preview of the Molotov Cocktease mini I'm currently working on. I think it may be fun to try and assemble the main characters of the Venture Bros. in miniature, especially after my son is born and I won't have a lot of free time to actually game with any miniatures until next year.

The mini itself is a Reaper Chronoscope "Natalya", I sculpted on the open-back of her jumpsuit (leaving the front zipped up, as I thought it was a nice little detail), her eyepatch (which was infuriating to get right!), and her knifeholder armband.

Due to her pose, I'm going to try and make it look like she's thrown her knife....now I just need a Brock Samson mini for a target!


Warflake said...

That fist is just awesome and that "Natalya" is so epic! I love Venture Bros. I would definitely love to see you model up the characters.

Chris said...

For Brock Sampson, check out Zombiesmith's "EXMATS". It's Brock, Dr. Venture, and the boys.

myincubliss said...

That Natalya is brilliant, can't wait to see it finished!