Saturday, June 25, 2011

59eme Division Legere d'Infantrie

This was my first Flames of War army and the first 15mm miniatures I'd ever painted. Luckily, it was also the first to win me a Best-Painted award at the Adepticon 2011 EW FOW tournament. I actually finished this just before Adepticon back in April and, through my terrible procrastination, never got around to posting clear pics of anything! So, here it is...the 59th Light Infantry Division.

Below is a pic of the next ~500pts I have planned - 155mm guns, 47mm ATGs, and a 25mm AA battery. These are a mix of Quality Castings, Forged In Battle, & Peter Pig.

The backbone of the 59eme - a small selection of the Fusilliers-Voltiguers.

The HQ section and its Mortar section. In an attempt to make this platoon stand out visually on the tabletop, I gave each CC team its own medic having a white helmet with a red cross. This is somewhat historically accurate, as there were dedicated medic Adrian helmets during WW1, however I could find no mention of them in WW2.

81mm Mortar Platoon

HMG Platoon

"The little tankette that could" - the Renault UE Carrier, designed for supplying troops in static defenses, they were generally abandoned in the wholesale retreats of 1940. The Germans then found limited use for them by mounting an ATG on the deck, perhaps as a precursor to the PaK RSO tractors?

The 75mm Artillery Battery - this is probably my favorite platoon out of the entire army. The guns themselves are great little models and these troops look so happy to be far from the front line! I made a small vignette out of the Observer team - 2 snipers holed up in a partially burned shed.

As with the Renault UEs, I handpainted small French tri-colors on the gun shield. Vive la France!

The Renault R-35 - a nice little tank severely outclassed in the mobile warfare of the Blitzkrieg, then later outclassed by its (at that time) thin armor when used by the Italians in the Sicilian Invasion. The command tank is named "Emile", probably the commander's lady, as was customary throughout the armoured corps. Additionally, I was able to hand-paint the roundels and the "diamond" unit markings on the turret.

The 59eme Objectives. A RR-crossing somewhere between Sedan and Boullion and a French border checkpoint. Both are built from scratch (yes, the RR tracks are actually plasticard!).

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