Monday, May 23, 2011

Lizard with a Laser-gun!

I seem to be doing pretty well lately with painting figures. This is a mini I picked up at Adepticon, he's from Badger Games and is called "Slee'Zan with Rifle VIII". Personally, I think he could do double duty as both a Tarellian in Inquisimunda and an alien bad guy in Doctor Who!

I based the color scheme on a real-world reptile, the European Green Lizard. The basic green bodywork was laid down using an airbrush with a mixture of Vallejo Livery Green and GW Goblin Green. It's blue front torso is GW Ice Blue.

The base is meant to portray a cooled lava floe and I achieved it by building up acrylic modeling paste in several layers and painting it with a black undercoat and successive drybrushings of lighter and lighter greys.


Warflake said...

Found you on Dakka Dakka, awesome stuff you've got. Your paintjobs are awesome!

Ancientsociety said...

@Warflake: Thank you very much! I'm glad you like them.