Friday, May 27, 2011

Inquisimunda Updates - Hurray!

Happy Memorial Day weekend, everyone!

To celebrate, I've updated a few of the Inquisimunda Resources for those of you seeking the downfall of the mighty Imperium! ("We'll throw a party and dance on the ashes of civilization....although it may be difficult to find restroom facilities for everyone...").

Chaos Covens receive an update to reflect the Beta rules for Mark of Chaos put out last week. Slaaneshi warbands will also find some nice new friends are now included to celebrate with. Genestealer Cults also receive some added biomass muscle and will want to check out the updated Species and Races list.

But never fear, defenders of the Imperium! You also have some updates in the Species and Races list - notably the Jokaero, for those of you clamoring for it since the release of Codex: Grey Knights.

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