Saturday, May 7, 2011

FOW T-34 Pansaaris

In addition to the objectives, I also got around to finishing my captured T-34 Pansaari platoon. These represent T-34s captured during the fighting of 1943. First, is the command T-34/85 (so named due to the up-gunned larger turret with an 85mm cannon). Very few of these tanks were captured by the Finns but they were highly prized, some serving well into the Cold War era. This tank will serve as the CC tank of the Pansaari Kompania I'll be putting together once I can get some Zvezda T-26s and 2 T-28s.

It is still in its original Russian dark green color. The three skulls are an imaginary affectation I included.

The three T-34/76s will primarily serve as Armor support for my Rajajaakari. They are painted in the 3-tone "spring" camouflage pattern many Pansaari units hastily adopted in 1944. Unfortunately, this was a difficult scheme to duplicate as there is no "standard" pattern, other than artist's interpretations. Surviving examples seem to show both an overall "waveband" pattern (brown/green/light grey/etc. along the entire hull) and a brown/green "waveband" pattern with light grey splinters, depending on the vehicle. I've chosen to do the latter.

Haakaristis (often confused with swastikas by the casual observer) are placed in their historically accurate areas, notably the front glacis, rear turret, and both right and left sides of the forward turret. was a huge help with these paint schemes.

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Aarneus said...

The actual spellings are "panssari", "komppania", "hakaristi" and "rajajääkäri" if you want to get extremely realistic :D

Grammar Nazi away!