Friday, May 6, 2011

FOW Finnish Objectives

I finally got around to finishing up my objectives for the Finnish Rajajaakari Kompania (Finnish "border jaegars" or border guards) for the Mid- to Late-War periods. On the left is a KO'd Russian T-34/85 tank and on the right is a small troop shelter/bunker.

The T-34 is an extra I had left over from the PSC boxed set (you can see unpainted pics here), with the addition of 2 Battlefront Jalkavaki figs and a Russian crewman. The tank slogan can be loosely described as "what the T-34 crew is thinking right now". Other than the crewman, the tank is basically stock. Both the slogan and the Soviet markings are hand-painted.

The troop shelter was built using bamboo skewers for the 'logs', some scale lumber, and a metal tube for the stovepipe. I may (eventually) change this objective into something more interesting but, it'll do for now.

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