Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Completed Minis: Necromunda Gangs

Going through some of my photobucket images over the past few years, I realized I have never posted pics of my two completed Necromunda gangs from earlier in the year. Below are my two main Necromunda gangs - an Escher gang going by the name of 'The Sumphouse Succubi' & a Goliath gang with the moniker 'The Crimson Hammers' (agents of the Crimson King perhaps...?).

And, yes, the models do have a slightly glossy sheen to them. This is because I also use these mins in demo games, so they need to hold up to the abuses of newer players!

All minis are made by GW (many of them are sadly OOP now), all bases are scratchbuilt by me

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