Friday, October 1, 2010

Legio Custodes Charity Auction

Consider me unbelievably gob-smacked.

As reported on TTGN today (also on Taylor's blog), Dave Taylor will be selling his amazing Legio Custodes army to help with a friend's medical bills. I remember seeing the conversion article for this masterpiece way back in White Dwarf 300...and that's part of the reason it's the only issue I've held unto all these years.

TTGN posted an excellent summary of why Taylor is selling this, so I won't re-hash that here. All I have to say is, as a fellow modeler, I can truly understand the hard work and imagination that went into making this army. Because of that, Taylor has proved that he's a great person and an even better friend.

I'm not loaded enough to bid on this but I really hope and pray that he raises the type of money for this army that it truly deserves and that the proceeds are able to help his friend.

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