Thursday, June 17, 2010

WIP: Eldar Dark Reapers

FINALLY (after having them sit in my closet for over 8 years!) I've started to assemble and paint my Eldar army. First up, are the newest edition of the Eldar Dark Reapers models.

I know that, in game terms, the Dark Reapers are a little broken/under-utilized, what with the awesomeness of the Fire Prism and Falcon being only ~125pts each. But I still love these miniatures!

From an aesthetic standpoint, I feel that they really embody their chosen way of war more than any other Aspect Warrior squad. Their bulky armor and macabre decorations are quick and easy to paint. This is my first attempt on really 'building up' colors on my miniatures and taking the time to blend, blend, blend...

These should be finished by next week and then its unto my Pathfinder squad.

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