Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Planetstrike Scenario - "A Tale Of Two Bastions"

40K Planetstrike Mission (Multiplayer):

“A Tale Of Two Bastions”

Attacker’s Overview

Your forces are tasked with securing two vital bastions before any other opposing forces reach them. Should opposing forces reach them before you, you must remove the occupying force and re-take the objective…

Defender’s Overview

Your forces have been surrounded. You have decided to ally with the enemy commander who controls another nearby bastion. Your forces must hold out until reinforcements can be dropped in to support you…and it wouldn’t hurt to assault your ‘ally’, if possible…

Special Rules

Shock Tactics, Scramble!

Twin Bastions: Each defending player receives one (1) Bastion. These MUST be placed within 24” of each other. They may not be placed within 6” of a table edge or Attackers’ Drop Zone.

Surrounded!: Each attacker’s drops zone extends 12” from one of the table corners. Defending forces not held in reserve may deploy anywhere on the table so long as they are not within 6” of an enemy or table edge.

Defending forces arriving from reserve may Deep Strike (following the same rules as for Attacking units, per the Planetstrike rulebook). Any reserve units which may not Deep Strike enter play from the center of the table.

Nowhere To Run: Any Defending players’ unit(s) within 12” of a Bastion count as Fearless.

Fortified: Each Defending Player receives two (2) bonus Strategem points, to be spent on Stronghold or Obstacle strategems.

Determining The Victor

Any player who holds one or more Bastions is the winner. If two or more players control a Bastion, the player with the most Kill Points wins!

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