Wednesday, March 31, 2010

2nd Annual Adepticon Necromunda Tournament

(Shameless self-promotion follows...)

Adepticon 2010 saw the return of my Necromunda tournament. This was a series of linked scenarios in which gangs fought off (and fought for) a group of greedy Guilders. I had initially arranged for each scenario to be 50 minutes long, with a 10 minute post-game sequence. After 2 frantic scenarios however, I was forced to up game time by 10 minutes and the post-game sequence by 10-15 minutes. So, what had started as a 4.5 hour tournament quickly turned into a nearly 6 hour tournament!

Below are the tables that everyone had a chance to play on...

Table 1 - Manufactorum Dome

Table 2 - Spore Cave

Table 3 - "Bio-Dome"

Table 4 - Ruined Dome

Table 5 - Dust Flats

I tried to setup the brackets so each player had a chance to face every other player and that tables were switched between games, so no one had the "home field advantage". The scenario packet is available here (PDF format), for those of you interested in trying your hand.

Corey Sapp's Orlock teamsters scurry through cover...

Kevin Kovarcik's wonderfully converted Van Saar in action...

Anton Zaleski's Delaques and Toby Donaker's Orlocks battle it out in the Bio-Dome...

Austin Sincock's "Ash Waste" Delaques attempt to escape the clutches of Mike Nogle's Ratskin tribe...

Eventually though, there had to be one clear victor and that was Anton Zaleski's Delaques, who somehow convinced the Guilders they had always been on their side...honest. The final tournament placement is available here.

Special thanks to everyone on the Adepticon staff who made this tournie possible. Without their help, I wouldn't be able to hold this great event every year. Also, thanks to the players, whose enthusiam and constructive criticism was such a great help.

If you're interested in playing at Adepticon 2011, keep checking EoG over the next few months. Next year, we'll be incorporating rules to expand available player gangs to ALL forces (including Spyrers and Enforcers), additional game time and post-game sequence time, more themed tables, and more slots!

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Chicago Terrain Factory said...

Jeremy - thanks again for running the Necro tournament. Aside from more/bigger/better terrain (which is already on the to do list), let me know if there is any thing I can do to help make a better Necromunda tournament in 2011.