Thursday, February 18, 2010

Boston Herald Reports D&D "Responsible" For UA Professor's Killing Spree

Jesus fucking Christ, is the mainstream media still using RPGs as a Dues Ex Machina behind fatal slayings!? Really? Yeah, 1986 called and it wants its baseless accusation back...

According to ace reporter Laurel Sweet of the Boston Globe, a potential reasoning behind the tragic shooting death of several school officials by Dr. Amy Bishop could have been her hobby of role-playing...

From the article:

"Bishop, now a University of Alabama professor, and her husband James Anderson met and fell in love in a Dungeons & Dragons club while biology students at Northeastern University in the early 1980s, and were heavily into the fantasy role-playing board game, a source told the Herald..."

Ms. Sweet goes on and attempts to tie this murder with a totally unrelated case from 2000 by convicted killer Michael McDermott "...the lone gunman behind the devastating workplace killings at Edgewater Technology in Wakefield in 2000....Police seized two Dungeons & Dragons books from McDermott’s Haverhill apartment after he shot seven co-workers to death on Dec. 26, 2000."

Never mind that Dr. Bishop has a history of perpetuating physical violence.

Never mind that the Herald makes no attempt at accurate reporting or naming their sources.

Never mind that both crimes mentioned have nothing to do with the accused using RPGing as a catalyst for their violent behavior.

No, the media has "found" its usual list of suspect activities and would rather re-hash an already tired argument then do some actual work for once. I'm sorry, I have no other rational, intellectual response to this story accept to say:

Go Fuck Yourself, Boston Herald.

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