Monday, August 17, 2009

Tutorial: The $15 or less Display Board

Materials Needed:

-An old painting of suitable size to accommodate your army, preferably lacking the matte board framing and not on a stretched canvas
-Staple Gun with heavy-duty staples
-Basing materials (sand, gravel, static grass, bitz, etc.)
-White/PVA glue
-Spray Primer & Sealer

1. Acquire an old painting. It should be large enough to easily accommodate all the minis in your army (The painting I chose was about 3'x2', large enough to hold 1750pts of mechanized Orks, with a little room left over for dice and objective markers). DO NOT use a stretched canvas painting - it will not be able to bear the weight of your minis.

The Horror!

I dumpster-dove this treasure. Total cost: $0.

2. Pop the painting out of the frame, flip it over, and return it to the frame.

3. Place the painting on a level, secure surface. Using your staple gun (I spent $4 on mine about 4 years ago), staple the painting into the frame - either by stapling directly down into the painting's edges (where the frame overlaps) and/or stapling into the side of the frame.

4. Make sure the painting is secure. If there is any give, put more staples in.

5. Flip the painting over. Spread out the glue and cover with your basing material (I recommend a light coating of natural sand. I use sand from a local beach that's been sifted to get out any cigarette butts or used needles. Cost: $0). Let dry for an hour or so.

6. Seal your basing material with the spray sealer (Cost: ~$3) and let dry for the recommended time.

7. Prime your display board with the spray primer (Cost: ~$3) and let dry.

8. Basecoat your basing material. Once dry, highlight with one (preferably 2 or more) lighter shades.

9. Mask off and cover your basing material. Spray paint the frame your desired color (I used Walmart "Fire Red" paint. Cost $0.98). Once dry, add any details to the frame.

10. Remove the mask and your display board is complete.

Total cost: ~$10
Total assembly time: 2 hours

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Dasanton said...

I can't believe you ruined that amazing painting!