Wednesday, July 15, 2009

WIP Complete: Ork Kommandoz

FINALLY finished my Kommando Squad! (Dear Gork, that took absolutely forever...) Now unto painting...

Nob w/ Power Klaw & Bosspole

Snikrot w/ scenic "Necron Killy" base

Kommandos w/ Skorchas (can you spot the charred bones of a Guarsman?)

Kommando Grenadiers

regular Kommando & (either) NBC-suited or Scuba Kommando (haven't made up my mind)

Ninj-Ork & Snipa Kommandoz

"Disguyzed" Kommando & Hunta Kommando
You'd never know it but I REALLY love those plasticard & GS "flash-bang" grenades...

Tracka & Gunslinga Kommandoz

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Gubnutz said...

These are excellent. I have just found your site and have really enjoyed looking over your work. Great looking mob