Saturday, July 18, 2009

FFFUUCK! Disaster strikes...

So, halfway through the priming of the Kommando unit, a Boyz unit, and 4 additions to my Lootas mob, I ran out of Black primer. I generally use the cheapo Walmart brand, which - for $1 apiece - isn't bad spraypaint. Unfortunately, due to the amazing insight of the Chicago city council in an attempt to "wipe out" graffiti, you can't buy spraypaint within city limits (and, since the ordinance was passed, I've NEVER seen anymore graffiti..... /sarcasm).

So I was forced to stop off in Evanston to pick some up. But, I couldn't for the life of me find any Krylon primer that wasn't the new "Fusion" brand (not that it's not a good brand, just I needed to prime both plastic and metal). I stopped in at the hobby shop and bought some Testors. I've used it years ago and, while expensive, it worked well. $5 for 3oz! Fast forward to me at home, halfway through priming, and suddenly realizing...the fucking primer is gritty!

The Culprit!

Gritty, sandpaper-like textures from spray paint happen when you get a bad batch. The shittiest part though, is my initial spray with it went on smooth. It was only halfway through priming that I noticed it getting gritty. So, I spent most of the morning partially stripping it off in Simple Green and it's back to Walmart for this man!

"My boyz! Look what they did to my boyz..."

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