Monday, June 26, 2017

Horrors of the Tundra: Scenario 3

Horrors Of The Tundra
A Lovecraftian Adventure for Frostgrave

Written by Jeremy Olsen

3 - What Gods Hath Wrought?

After clearing out the ungodly flock of winged beasts, your party advances deeper into the vast trackless wastes of the icy tundra. When you make camp each night, you study the artifacts the carrion birds were protecting finding them impossibly ancient and inscrutable, pulsing with an inner light that betrays an almost organic sentience. Your apprentice grows increasingly obsessed with the artifacts and when you happen upon a group of  cyclopean ruins, he runs mad into them…

Set up as normal. Terrain should consist of dense ruins - the odder, the better.

Special Rules

At the start of the scenario, do not deploy Apprentices or Captains as normal. Instead, when a monster would normally be deployed per a random encounter, deploy an Apprentice or Captain instead until all have been deployed, then proceed with deploying monsters as normal.

Once deployed, each Apprentice/Captain is unhinged by their newfound knowledge and will attack anyone, even members of their own warband. Members of the same warband will do their best to not fatally injure the crazed model - if taken out of action by a member of its own warband, the controlling player may roll twice on the injury chart and apply either result.

Additionally, such are the soporific effects of the treasure in these ruins, that if the Apprentice/Captain comes into contact with any of the treasures in this scenario, they immediately receive +1 Fight and suffer -1 Will for each treasure token they pick up. These effects last until the end of the scenario. If, for whatever reason, any Apprentice/Captain is still living at the end of the scenario, they run screaming into the cyclopean ruins, never to be seen or heard from again. Remove that model from the warband roster.

Treasure & Experience

Treasure and Experience are gained as normal. If an Apprentice/Captain is incapacitated and survives the ordeal, they gain 10 Experience and gains the “Mark of the Chain” Burning Mark.

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