Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Fall of Berlin: Panzer IV Ausf J

Last, but not least, is the AFV I'll be taking to Adepticon BA Doubles - the Panzer IV Ausf. J. For the base model, I used Warlord's plastic Pz IV G/H and because making a late production J model would require the removal of many core pieces (most notably going from four return rollers to three), I decided on making an early production model instead. I added new wire handholds to the turret, a shot deflection ring around the cupola, one-piece hatch to the cupola, a more defined gunner's visor, wire handles to the engine deck, and antenna, and mesh schurzen. The mesh schurzen were kind of a conundrum, as no one makes them in 1/56 and I wanted to scratchbuild ones that weren't too bulky. These are made from aluminum window screening with the general shape traced along the kit schurzen, then with plasticard strips added around the ends. It isn't perfect - it lacks any definition between panels and is missing the small brackets along the side - but it works. The commander is from JTFM's German Tank Crew set.

The scheme itself comes from AK Interactive's 1945 German Colors - a hard-edged three tone scheme done in Tamiya Dark Yellow, Red Brown, and Flat Green. This is the first time I've used Tamiya's acrylics in the airbrush and I really enjoyed working with them. Metal is Pavement, washed with Testors Rust, then drybrushed with GW Boltgun Metal. Wood parts are Reaper Amber Gold, highlighted with Reaper Golden Blonde, then washed with Reaper Umber Wash.

Decals are Rubicon and Italeri. Weathering was done with pin dot oil washes, then dirt and smoke stains were laid down with an airbrush, and then mud was added using a mix of dry pigment/glue/grout.


NW Crew said...

Excellent! The mesh schurzen turned out great. /Mattias

Phil Curran said...

I have a personal preference for the soft edge camo but that's just me. You've done a great job

Pawn Cocktail said...

Excellent modelling & painting. The mesh looks great!